About me

My name is Neal Klitsch. I am a board-certified radiologist with additional subspecialty training in musculoskeletal radiology, work full time in a private radiology practice, and (at the time of publication) still reside in my “mid-30s”. My amazing wife is a full-time pediatrician, my silly son is a full-time toddler, and my lovable black lab is a full-time eater. Our busy lives are balanced with a love of travel, food, and family.

The Neighborhood Radiologist with his family in Mexico
Tulum, Mexico, February 2016 (missing: Rio the black lab)

Why did you do this?

In retrospect, the idea for this website has been germinating in my mind for years. During my radiology training, I came to recognize—and was taught—the critical importance of communication, both with other doctors and with patients. In fact, many would argue that communication is the most important part of a radiologist’s job. Patients need to understand the who, what, how, and why of their own health, and my primary mission is to shed light on this, particularly as related to medical imaging.

Who are you really?

Dressed up donkey in Annapurna Sanctuary, Nepal

The decision to use my real name, rather than publish anonymously or pseudonymously, was, in the end, not difficult. This website is predicated on an honest and forthcoming assessment of the world of radiology; how could I do that without telling you who I am?


I would love to hear from you! Tell me what you think of the website (content, design, etc.), topics you would like to see discussed, what you ate for breakfast yesterday, or whatever else might be on your mind. You can reach me at editor@neighborhoodradiologist.com, or via the form below. Every effort will be made to respond to each and every email.

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If you are like me, your eyes start to glaze over when you see a “fine print”-style disclaimer. Can I convince you my disclaimer is important to read?

As a website that contains health information, some special considerations are in order to ensure we are all on the same page. And without further ado…